Fabric cloth unit

The knitting unit of Tromel Industrial Manufacturing Co., the first unit to be used by the company in 1371, which started with the import of knitting machines equipped with the mayer brand in the field of producing various types of cotton wool and today with a production capacity of 5 tons per day provider One of the most quality fabrics available on the market is to the respectable customers. The products of this unit can be presented in raw or colored form and printed in other units of this company.

Fabric dyeing unit

The dyeing unit of the Tromel Industrial Company is equipped with the most advanced dyeing machinery from Tiss Company, which uses the most quality and quality dye and color additives imported from the most well-known color and chemicals companies with a capacity of 1200 Ton per annum continues to work and can dye a variety of fabrics in a wide range of color shades ensures the uniformity of colors in fabrics at the request of respectable customers. In addition, the company’s dyeing unit has the ability to dyed cotton fabric To order, and to this end, the most up-to-date dyeing technology The main uses.

Fabric printing unit

Print Fabric Printing Unit The Tromel Industrial Co., using the technology of rejyani, can print with all four reactive techniques, disperses, picks and pigments on all kinds of fabric in 8 colors by rotary methods with a capacity of 25,000,000 meters and a 500,000-square-meter flat Has.
It should be noted that the chemicals and colors used in this unit are from the best available materials in the market and all are imported and the quality of the print and under the finish of the fabrics are fully guaranteed. Specialty printing, photographic and tapping laboratories, dyeing, steam stamping and control, and other screwdrivers are parts of the printing unit of the Trump Factory.
Finally, the printing process in this unit leads to a stanter section in which the width of the open-width fabric is fixed with the desired length, width and area, and this operation increases the transparency, optimum desirability and better quality of the fabric. Also, the printing department of the company The trophy has the ability to implement all the requested designs by the respectable customers on the fabrics and guarantee the delivery of the final design according to the plan and, besides this, the opportunity to accept the order is also available at the expense of customers.

Fabric finishing unit

The fabric finishing unit of Tromel Industrial Co., is equipped with the latest refinement technologies from the company and has the ability to complete the fabrics with compact, open, compact, closed and capacitive techniques. The company accepts all orders related to the completion of the fabric, both in the form of cloth from the company Trmml and the wages, and delivered to the respected Customers upon request.

The flip-flop in the hall completes the flip-flop of the fabric, making it soft and smooth, and better shaping the fabric. This unit, with the help of technology for adjusting fabrics, fabric, milling, hammering, sheering, and supplementary anti-bacterial, waterproof, anti-fire, and special fireclay fabrics, are ready to provide the desired services to our esteemed customers. The observation desk (light desk) is in charge of completing the task of controlling the quality and identifying all the defects of the fabric when passing through it.
In the drying machine, the fabrics are rinsed perfectly, without any traction, with suitable urea, and they are laminated when they come out. The woolen blade of towels and velvet fabrics is equipped with a right round and left round knife and finishes the finishing of these fabrics with minimal cloth.