Hawk Green Raisan yarn (yarn)

Lighting unit and Cavern yarn

The machines located in the Green Hawk Nutrient Factory, in the Lightning and Cavernier unit of the Lanbo brand and made in 2016, have been continuously able to flip both S and Z directions and then cover it with Lacracian yarn. is. It should be noted that the threading and threading process of the yarn can be done independently on the threads of the thread itself, and the company has the ability to feed the yarns in different deniers with a capacity of 3 tons per day used in various industries. They have.

Quality control department yarn

This unit, located at the Green Nutrition Factory in Shahin, has carried out periodic and regular experiments, as well as continuous monitoring and control of the production process, output products from the Taqing unit and Caverniff yarn with the proper quality assurance and issuing quality approvals. In addition, using the expertise of qualified experts in qualitative control of suitable laboratory equipment for conducting tests on denier yarns, tensile strength and elasticity of yarns, threads and other important factors affecting the quality of the output.